12 Points 2015

40 ⇒ 20 ⇒10 ⇒ 4 ⇒ 1

Sweden wins the sixth edition of 12 Points Go To -poll! Congratulations!

12 Points 2015 winner

How does it work?

Poll consists of four voting rounds where songs are competing against each other.

  • In the first round, all 40 countries are divided randomly into ten heats. Two songs qualify from each heat for the next round. Two heats are open at the same time and results will be announced every third day. The heats are:

12 Points Go To Round one heats.bmp

  • In the second round, 20 countries remain and are again divided into five heats. Two qualify from each heat. These heats  are:

12 pts round two.bmp

  • In the semi-final round ten songs are divided into two heats and two most voted from each make it to the final round. These heats are:

12 Points Go To Semi-Final

  • The most voted song out of four finalists is the winner of our poll

If you need to refresh your memory, have a look at all the competing entries:


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