Stockholm disappointed – Danes happy

Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden

Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. Picture:

News about Malmö becoming the host city for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest divided opinions, for some it was good news and for some not so good.

CEO of Friends Arena, which lost the race against Malmö Arena, Thomas Perslund is disappointed but congratulates Malmö.

We respect SVT’s decision because they focus on television arrangements but Stockholm would’ve been better host when focusing on the fact that this is a festival. We booked Kungsträdgården (a park in central Stockholm) and secured that there would’ve been a big public festival there in May when Stockholm is at its best.

He adds that because the contest will take place in considerably smaller arena in Malmö, many fans will be left out without tickets and then it’s not a real festival.

Denmark benefits

Danes on the other hand are really happy that Malmö will host Eurovision Song Contest. Trains operates between the cities several times an hour and there are more direct flights from Kastrup Airport to Europe than from Malmö. Denmark benefits from this financially as the local newspapers writes. Also many guests will probably book their hotels from Copenhagen.

Thomas Perslund also says that the ‘Danish prime minister must be happy how they get all the value added taxes from Eurovision guests’.

‘Malmö is not actually that bad’

Owner of Malmö Arena, Percy Nilsson, thinks that Eurovision Song Contest brings a lot of positive impact to this Swedish town. He is also happy that this is a chance for Malmö to show that it is not actually that bad despite shooting incidents over the recent years.

SOURCES: SVT, Expressen, Svenska Dagbladet