Blog: Where are the winners of the 2000s today?

Lordi, Ruslana and LenaFor some, winning the Eurovision Song Contest was a good start for their careers but some weren’t that lucky. Where are the first winners of the 2000s today? – ESC Webs found out.

Olsen Brothers didn’t abandon Eurovision Song Contest

After trying several times to win the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, they finally achieved the victory in 2000. Not only they won the national final, but they also won the song contest in Stockholm and brought the second victory to Denmark. Their overwhelming victory guaranteed some success in the charts and their Eurovision entry was even #1 in Sweden. “Fly On The Wings Of Love” charted again in 2003 when a new cover version was made. It surprisingly achieved #1 position in Ireland and #8 in United Kingdom.

The brothers entered Dansk Melodi Grand Prix once more in 2005 with “Little Yellow Radio“. However, their victory five years earlier didn’t earn them any extra points and they had to settle for second place in the national final. In the same year they were one of the special guests on Congratulations -show which celebrated the 50 years history of the song contest. Jørgen Olsen also participated the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on his own in 2007 and finished on seventh place.

Their latest album was released in 2010 to celebrate their Eurovision victory 10 years earlier. At the moment they are taking a break from music business.

Tanel Padar and Dave Benton didn’t continue their careers together

Not many remember Estonian Eurovision winning entry 2001, excluding the fans. 2001 was not the year when Eurovision Song Contest was at its best and the winning song was forgotten as soon as the lights at Parken Stadium were switched off.

Tanel Padar continued his career in Estonia where he formed a band which soon became one of the most popular bands in the country. With his band, they have released several albums and currently they are touring Estonia. Tanel Padar was also seen in Baku this year when he supported Ott Lepland and was interviewed by the hosts during the live show.

Dave Benton starred several European musicals before winning the Eurovision Song Contest and settling down to Estonia with his wife and daughters. He has made some music after the victory but less than earlier.

Marie N fell in love with France

The Latvian one and to date only winner is definitely not the most succesful Eurovision winner either but she has managed to build a career in Latvia. Soon after the victory in Tallinn she released her debut album and co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. Her albums includes songs in French, English and Latvian.

In addition to her singing career, Marie N has been on several musicals including the Latvian “The Sound of Music” in Riga. She also participated the local version of popular “Strictly Come Dancing” format in 2007. Her latest project is “Midnight in Paris” concert tour which started in March. Last concert will take place in Latvia on August 31st.

Marie N lives in France but often visits Latvia.

Sertab Erener released her new album in April

Before Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Sertab Erener had started her career and released five albums between 1992 and 2001. Eurovision victory gave a boost for her career, “Everyway That I Can” charted in 12 countries and was even #1 in Sweden, Turkey and Greece. In 2004, her next album “No Boundaries” was released all over Europe. It is still her last solo album in English.

Sertab Erener makes music with Demir Demirkan who also composed her Eurovision entry. ‘Painted on Water’ is the name of the band and they have had gigs in USA in 2009 and 2010.

Sertab Erener worked on her new album for two years and “Ey Şûh-i Sertab” was finally released in April 2012.

Ruslana is active in politics

Also Ukrainian Eurovision winning entry succeed in charts all over Europe and it reached #1 in Ukraine, Greece and Belgium. Soon after her victory, the Ukrainian President rewarded her achievement and her album sold over 500,000 copies in Ukraine.

In 2006, Ruslana was elected to parliament where she was for one year till summer 2007. She was appointed Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF and she performed on several charity concerts. Her new studio album, Euphoria, was released in Ukraine earlier this year and it directly went to #1 in the charts. Now Ruslana is in “In Search of Pure Water” project which aim is to find new sources of pure water in Ukraine.

Helena Paparizou is still number one

Winner of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest, Greek-Swedish Helena Paparizou is one of the most popular artists in Greece and has done all kinds of things after the victory in Kiev. “My Number One” did well in charts all around Europe and was #1 in Greece and Sweden. Later in 2005, Paparizou toured in Europe and also in Northern America and Australia. Her new album was released in 2006 and it went platinum. Paparizou stayed on top of the charts for a long time and released new music regularly. She took a break from the music business and returned with a new album in June 2008. After the release she had more than 30 gigs in Greece.

In November 2011 her next single “Mr. Perfect” was released and she performed a new version of Sweden’s Eurovision entry 2011 during the final of Melodifestivalen 2012. She also took part the Swedish “Let’s Dance” reality show but was eliminated after the second programme.

Lordi continues with different line-up

Immediately after their victory in Athens, Lordi became national heroes in Finland where over 100,000 people came to welcome them home in Helsinki. There were Lordi candies, cokes, t-shirts and even Lordi Square in Rovaniemi. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” made it to the charts in 13 countries but #1 was reached only in Finland.

The band toured across Europe, Northern America and Japan. They even filmed a horror movie called “Dark Floors” in 2008 which was starred by several international actors as well as the Lordi members themselves. Movie didn’t succeed and it caused significant losses.

Drummer of Lordi left the band in 2010 and a new drummer was found. However, he passed away in February. Keyboardist Awa, who was also in Athens, will leave the band later this month. Lordi will release their sixth studio album next year.

Molitva wasn’t a breakthrough for Marija Šerifović

Serbian winning song “Molitva” didn’t impress Europe after the contest and failed to do well in charts. “Molitva” was still released in English, Finnish and Russian after the contest. In 2008, her third album was released and after that she has released one more album in 2009. Her latest appearance was on Ukrainian talent show where she was a special judge a few days ago.

Dima Bilan still enjoys great success

After finishing second behind Finland in 2006, Dima Bilan finally achieved the victory two years later in Belgrade. “Believe” was unsuccessful in Europe but Dima Bilan’s career began to flourish. He has won dozens of awards including MTV’s “Best Russian Act” and Muz-TV’s “Best Performer”.

He has released six albums and recorded many of his songs in both, English and Russian. Bilan has also recorded a duet with American singer Anastacia. This year he also participated the Russian pre-selection together with ex-member of t.A.T.u and they came second behind the grannies. At the moment Dima Bilan is touring in Russia and in October he will come to Germany.

Alexander Rybak – From artist to actor and dancer

The most overwhelming victory in the history of Eurovision Song Contest was achieved by Alexander Rybak. “Fairytale” was #1 in seven countries and his album also made it to ten album charts across Europe. In 2009, a documentary film about his victory was released and in 2010 he was one of the actors on Norwegian film “Yohan”.

Rybak’s second studio album was released in 2010 and it included songs like “Oah” and “Europe’s Skies”. He also recorded a Russian version of “Oah” this year. Rybak’s third and to date last album was first released an year ago, all the songs in it are in Norwegian. Also in 2011 he participated the Swedish “Let’s Dance” and finished on fourth place. Rybak’s newest song was released this year, it is performed together with Paula Seling who represented Romania in 2010.

Lena releases her new album in September

Another young and talented Eurovision winner was discovered in 2010 when Lena Meyer-Landrut won for Germany. “Satellite” charted in 20 countries, even in Australia! Lena’s debut album was released just before the song contest and it sold about 500,000 copies in Germany and made it to charts in 12 countries.

As we remember, Lena returned to Eurovision in 2011 with “Taken By A Stranger” and finished on 10th place. It was included in her second album which sold 200,000 copies in Germany. Just before the Eurovision in Düsseldorf, Lena went on touring German cities.

At the moment Lena is working on with her next album which will be released in October. First single, “Stardust”, from that album was released earlier in September.

Ell and Nikki concentrating on their solo careers

Last year’s winners, Eldar and Nigar haven’t released new music together after “Running Scared”. The winning entry did poorly in Europe and #1 position wasn’t achieved. Eldar co-hosted this year’s song contest in Baku and has released new music without Nigar. Nigar lives in London and is working on with her debut album. She has also released a duet with Dima Bilan and a music video for her first solo song which she released in December.