Anouk about entering Eurovision: ‘I know nothing’

Plenty of rumours are surrounding Anouk and Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Yesterday we read news saying that talks between TROS and Anouk are going well and that it is very likely that she would represent Netherlands in Malmö. Now the artist herself claims on Facebook that she knows nothing about this.

In July, Anouk expressed her willingness to represent Netherlands with her ‘killer song’.  TROS however rejected her offer because they wanted to organise a big pre-selection with several shows and told her that she could participate it if she’d want to. Anouk on the other hand didn’t want to compete with others which made TROS to approach the singer and discuss more.

De Telegraaf reported yesterday that the parties are close to a breakthrough in the negotiations but today Anouk denied it. 

Gosh, I read everywhere that I am still going to enter the contest? I’m sitting here in LA and know nothing about it. -Anouk on Facebook

Anouk is a 37-year old singer whose career started in late 1990′s. To date she has released already eight studio albums, the latest in 2011. Her first hit in 1997 was “Nobody’s Wife” which made her well known in Netherlands.

SOURCE: De Telegraaf, Anouk’s Facebook page, ESC Webs