History: David Civera – Dile que la quiero (Spain 2001)

Spain’s best result in 2000s at Eurovision Song Contest was achieved in 2001 when interest towards the contest was high. A massive 2,000 songs were sent to TVE, 20 of them were eventually chosen for the national final. ‘Eurocanción 2001’ took place in February with all the 20 entrants performing their songs on a live show. A nine-member jury awarded points from 1-8, 10 and 12. In addition to the jury voting, televoters were able to affect the result (75% jury/25% televoters).

22-year old singer David Civera won Eurocanción overwhelmingly with 108 points. He wasn’t unknown name in Spain as he had participated several television competitions but the real success came after winning the Spanish pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2001. A CD was soon released and it sold more than 400,000 copies.

In Copenhagen Civera was 13th contestant on stage and provided a vibrant stage show. Europe did like it and Spain received points all over Europe, Israel gave full 12 points. Only six countries out of 23 left Spain without points and in total 76 points were received. It was enough for sixth place. Eurovision fever was clearly high in Spain and the 2001 contest was the most watched in Spain by then.

After Eurovision, David Civera has been releasing new albums, the latest in 2011 which was his 10th album. Despite the album sales decreased from early 2000s, Civera is still popular in Spain. In addition to his career, Civera concentrates on his son, who was born last year.