Meet Andorra La Vella Eurettefriend

Andorra is a beautiful Eurettefriend

Today, we’ll meet one of the most beautiful friends in Europolis.

Andorra La Vella Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Andorra

Heartflag Powers: to make things beautiful and making everyfriend look eurofabulous

Birthday: September 8

Best Results in Esc: None. Andorra didn’t qualified yet

Best Results in Jesc: Andorra La Vella didn’t debut yet

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Obre teu cor al mond, Veurás que tot ho pot la mirada interior” – La Mirada Interior

Ey, aquí! Im Andorra La Vella Eurettefriend and my country is my beautiful Andorra. I love giving people, my sisters and all the other friends alike the most Eurotastic hairstyles in the whole song contest. Even, i take care of myself. Recently, everyfriend thinks that i lost interest in Eurovision. But, they’re wrong. I have to confess that im earning ESCcoins to make my comeback, while i enjoy working at my beauty salon “Andorra’s Beauty Parlor”.

As for Jesc, I watched the Jesc where my sisters Paris and Madrid appeared, but i never been there to help them! If  i’ll debut in one of these contests, i’ll use my heartflag powers to give all of those Lil’ Eurostars a euroextreme makeover to all of them.

And if you know that im a beauty to the core, i enjoy doing other activities as well. Like making a beautiful heartflag-shaped bonsai or recycling those shampoo bottles. Keeping the world beautiful is a pretty hard task, but with all friends and Eurofans, we can do this together.

And to everyfriend in Escwebs and all Esc sites. Remember, You’re the most beautiful Eurofans i ever met in the Song contest.

Espero que ens veiem aviat.

Andorra La Vella Eurettefriend


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  1. I have looked at the first three couitrnes with some comments (probably wrong :) ) mostly trying to gain the earliest insight possible about the likely results. I think it helps to look at last years votes (though different couitrnes in the final each year complicates that).UK (last year’s votes – Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany): Points last year to many of the contenders this year (and the only western televoting country to shut out Serbia last year). No western country gave more than six points to Russia last year. A high score to Russia probably means Moscow 2009. Likewise, big points to Serbia means a return to Belgrade. A top to Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, or Sweden probably doesn’t mean too much by itself.Macedonia (Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovenia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova): Serbia could get the twelve again, (not much new information there). Turkey needs points here to stay in the hunt. If Russia or (especially) Greece jump up the list, that could give an indication of a win. Anything for Sweden probably means a good night there.Ukraine (Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Armenia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey): The twelve goes back to Russia. Romania should move up. Armenia needs big points here to stake its claim. A big score to Greece here probably means a return to Athens. If Sweden gets nothing from either Macedonia or Ukraine, they have a long night ahead of them.

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