Meet Chisinau Lil’ Eurettefriend


Today, we’ll introducing the first of the youngest friends in Europolis and the most friendly of all.

Chisinau Lil’ Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Moldova

Heartflag powers: She makes all kinds of flowers bloom and she has a “Eurofriendly sense” that makes everyfriend more friendly

Birthday: August 26

Best Results in Esc: 6th in 2005

Best Results in Jesc: 6th in 2011

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Hai la Hora, Hora din Moldova”- Hora din Moldova

Salut, prietenilor mei! I’m Chisinau and i represent Moldova. I love to make friends easily as watering my garden. And according to the other Lil’ Eurofriends, my heartflag powers are pretty as petals on every flower in the world. I’m the youngest gardener in all the whole Song Contest and a musician at the same time!

In Eurovision, my big brother wanted to be there and win! But, i only get 6th places. Everytime i qualify, i knew that my heartflag powers are the most fresh and i love to help making strong friendships around the world. But, i meet friends of all countries.  But looking at my cousins,  my brother  and all the grown-up Eurofriends helping their Eurostars is a inspiration to me to keep on going each day. I’m too young to have the responsability to host Esc… Even with brand new powers. But my big brother thinks that i can do a eurotastic job, even if i’m a Lil’ friend.

In Junior Eurovision, i’m the first Lil’ friend to debut, and i was thinking either San Marino or Reykjavik will debut before me. But, here i am, making friendships with Lil’ Eurostars and having a great moment… along with the same 6th place as in the song contest.

If you’re visit Europolis, be sure to befriend me! We can meet everyfriend from Amsterdam to Zagreb (Be sure to visit us more often) and we can play with the other Lil’ Eurofriends, while we’re making new friends in the whole contest. And before i forget, help me take care of my garden.

To my friends in Escwebs, just be yourselves while you make new friendships!

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Chisinau Lil’ Eurettefriend


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