Meet Copenhagen Eurofriend

Copenhagen Eurofriend

Today’s friend spends his days making our world colourful and filled with rainbows (including his hair).

Copenhagen Eurofriend

Country that represents: Denmark

Heartflag powers: He helps people to be inspired and he has the ability to create original arts and crafts with things he finds on his way

Birthday: June 5

Best results in Esc: 1st in 1963, 2000 and 2013

Best Result in Jesc: 4th in 2005

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Tell me who you are, show me what to do”- Tell me who you are

Sikke en farverig hej! I’m Copenhagen Eurofriend and i love to represent Denmark in Eurovision. You see, im a friend in Technicolour who loves to make arts and crafts. And also, i help people to create things and i’m colour me pleasured to help you creating things.

In Eurovision, i love to give my art and creativity to make all covers starring each Eurostar and i love to collect them. everyfriend thinks that the day i won for the first time, i recieved a rainbow, my heartflag powers and coloured my hair with colourful feelings and diversity of tones! Just like my friends and siblings. The song contest itself is a big palette of colours waiting to be painted. You can ask my Eurostars and they’ll reply to you “Copenhagen is a colourful Friend and he brings colourful victories to the contest”

In junior Eurovision, all of my Lil’ Eurostars masterpieces were messed up by the other kids. Next time i go to Jesc, i have to give to the Lil’ Eurostars colouring books to colour inside the lines.

When you visit us, be sure to meet me! There’s a lot of art to do and there’s exciting crafts waiting to be created and we can do nice things to everyfriend in Europolis. Theres so much to create and i think you should visit us often to create something eurotastic!

To my artists in Escwebs, When we participate, we are inspired to create something unique in Eurovision.

Farverige ønsker,

Copenhagen Eurofriend

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