Interview with Andrius Pojavis: ’It was a miracle’

Andrius Pojavis interview | Picture: Š.Mažeikos/DELFI, edited by ESC Webs

ESC Webs chatted with the Lithuanian representative Andrius Pojavis. He won the local pre-selection and beat six other acts in the final on December 20. Now he is heading for Malmö where he will participate the first semi-final on May 14.

Born in 1983, Pojavis’ story is similar to many other artists’ as he started to sing at young age. He formed his first band at school called ’No Hero’. Pojavis moved to Vilnius and in 2006 his band won a local competition EuroRock.

Later on, he lived in Ireland for one year and started to write his own songs for his debut album, released in Summer 2012.

Astuoni’ is my debut album which you can find on iTunes. The album is in Lithuanian and has 8 tracks and is like a tribute for my country. It was recorded in Massive Arts, Milan. Now I’m living on the bridge between Italy and Lithuania.

Pojavis’ family lives in Italy, he has a child and his wife is expecting the couple’s second child, expected to be born right before Eurovision, in April.

– They were always supporting me even if I could lose. So they were really happy for the victory.

But what made him go into music business?

– I believe that it comes from my love of music and from my family. I was often going to have a look at my grandparent singing in choir.

‘It was a miracle’

Andrius Pojavis sent his contribution for the Lithuanian broadcaster in Fall and was accepted to the televised pre-selection heats. He qualified for the semi-final and was the last qualifier. As proven many times, it is rarely possible to win the final from such a bad starting position and the artist himself knew this.

– Now it seems for me that it was a miracle… I was not expecting but always believing.

English album in plans

– I knew that there was this contest so I started to write “Something” especially for the Eurovision Something is something that we live and share. It’s a love song representing the duality of life.

’Something’ is completely his own production, he has composed, written and produced the song. At the moment Pojavis is writing his next studio album in English.

– Something is already a new adventure and now I’m writing my second album in English.

He mentions Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman as his idol.

I don’t know how he was influencing my music, I just like his style!

‘Eurovision Song Contest getting better’

Pojavis hadn’t listened to the songs other countries have chosen for Malmö but will try to listen to all of them when all the countries have chosen. The team is currently planning how their stage show will look like and Pojavis refused to reveal their ideas.

When asked whether Eurovision will open up new possibilities, Andrius Pojavis couldn’t tell just yet but hoped for the best.

Some doors have opened already, but I can’t predict the future. Maybe I will find some good work conditions that I’m still searching for. I noticed that with the years it’s (ESC) getting better. I’m following it usually and I like it!

One thing is for sure; Andrius Pojavis will perform ‘Something’ in front of millions of television viewers in May. Whether he’ll get to follow the footsteps of Donny Montell and qualify for the final remains to be seen.

You can follow Andrius on his Facebook and Twitter pages as well as visit his YouTube channel. Lithuania competes in the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2013, on May 14. 10 most voted qualifies for the Saturday final.

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