Swedes not too thrilled with Petra Mede

Comedienne, tv-presenter Petra Mede was confirmed as Eurovision Song Contest hostess earlier today. Swedes reacted the news online and the comment fields of various news sites were filled with negative comments. Reading comments on tabloids such as Aftonbladet may not be the best idea but the poll on the site shows that out of 20,000 voters, only 25% thinks Petra Mede was the right choice. Readers of Sydsvenskan pretty much agree as only 30% were happy to hear the news.

Below you can read some translated comments taken from the two sites.

I think Sarah Dawn Finer could have been better, maybe together with Måns Zelmerlöw. Now it is what it is, hopefully the ‘mute’ button on the remote control won’t stop working… –Anders B.

My god how negative comments. No one is forced to watch. (Petra) is certainly good, nice to have someone who has some self-distance. –elsels

Are they trying to embarrass us totally? We take the most boring ‘celeb’ who only laughs at her own jokes. Embarrassing Björkman! –Max A.

I love Eurovision but don’t know if I’m going to watch it this year. Why can’t a beautiful woman with good values represent us,  does it have to be a boring lady? This could be the biggest mistake in Swedish television history. Let the people vote for the host instead, we live in a democracy! –Robin R.

Melodifestivalen 2009 was one of the most boring years ever. And now she is going to host ESC? Scandal. ._. Would have preferred Dolph Lundgren, Måns Zelmerlöw and some other. –Deborah A.

I have been following Eurovision for quite a while now.. but this Eurovision becomes one of the first I will skip. Why Petra Mede of all the people? Why.. –Petteri H.

A very good choice, Petra is talented in many ways! One question: Why comment here when you obviously don’t like Eurovision Song Contest? –Annica G.

Now they have shot themselves in the foot again. She’s totally lousy and has never been funny. Is Sweden really so stupid not to have any better to host Eurovision? Now we must be ashamed of being Swedish when Mede is representing us. Yikes! –Jan P.

Petra is a great comedian and I like her but I’m not sure if her humor works in Europe. I really hope Christer Björkman is right. On the other hand, think of the hopeless hosts we have seen in recent years, it can’t go worse with Petra. –Niclas

SVT asked the opinion of well-known ‘stars’ and obviously they were all happy that she was chosen and wished her luck. Eurovision 1992 co-host Harald Treutiger told jokingly (although Aftonbladet took it seriously) that he had hoped for international star such as Madonna or Bruce Springsteen to get the job. He also gave a tip for Petra:

– ‘Carpe diem. Enjoy and open up your senses, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s a great adventure which is a rare luxury,’ Treutiger says.

1999 and 2008 representative, singer and expectant mother Charlotte Perelli thinks Petra was definitely the right choice.

– ‘She has hosted the Swedish Melodifestivalen and we know she can handle the pressure. She seems to be stable and completely fearless which is a good feature when it comes to hosting Eurovision.

Sarah Dawn Finer congratulates

Many fans’ favorite, singer and last year’s Melodifestivalen co-hostess Sarah Dawn Finer didn’t get to host Eurovision although many believed she was going to do it for sure. We don’t know whether SVT asked her to host the song contest or not but she congratulated Petra on Twitter.

– ‘A big and huge Congrats to the fantastic and lovely Petra Mede on landing the ESC hosting Job! She is gonna be amazing and awsome!! Yeah!!.’