Meet Podgorica Lil’ Eurettefriend

Podgorica Lil' Eurettefriend

Today’s friend want’s to remind us that even Eurofriends can make mistakes in order to succeed in the world of Eurovision.

Podgorica Lil’ Eurettefriend

Country that Represents: Montenegro

Lil’ Heartflag Powers: She helps kids to use their agility for good things and she uses her acrobatic skills to help Eurofriends, Eurostars and Eurofans alike

Birthday: June 3

Best Results in Esc: ??? in 2014

Best Results in Jesc: None. Podgorica didn’t debut yet

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Zauvijek volim te!” – Zauvijek volim te

Zdravo! I’m Podgorica and i represent Montenegro. You already know my big sister and she can be a little worrying with me. Unlike her, i’m a friend full of energy, playful playdate and eager to help my eurostars in any situation. Before i earned my powers, i was a Accident-prone friend and  i used to say “Oopsy” very often. Even with my own mistakes! My friends, specially the other Lil’ Eurofriends, my sister and my teacher are patient and they understand that. But, don’t worry, those are my acrobatic tricks. And to be exact, my heartflag powers are perfect just the way it is! And everyfriend in Europolis says that  i’m a daredevil too!

In Eurovision, all the grown-up friends were worried about me. Even twice, my big sister never let me participate in 2 contests. But the other friends need me to make Eurovision better. And now that i earned my heartflag powers, i want to see them happy and nothing to worry about what’s going on around me and my acrobatic tricks. And of course, host Esc everytime i want… But first i have to win to do that with my acrobatic grace.

I heard that my eurettebest friend Chisinau is already helping Lil’ Eurostars.  It will be fun to participate in Junior Eurovision with her and the others and help them that nofriend’s perfect.

When you come to Europolis, i want to meet you and play funny games with me and the other Lil’ Eurofriends. And of course, help me with a new acrobatic trick. And as i’m learning to use my powers for good, you can lift me up and keep going in my adventures in Europolis!  I can sing pretty well, even if i’m a little tone-deaf, it’s ok… Even for Stockholm or Helsinki Friend.

To my friends in escwebs, even if you make mistake, keep on trying!

Izvinite. Wait, i stumbled! Wait, i made a new trick with my rollerskates.

Podgorica Lil’ eurettefriend


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