Meet Reykjavik Lil’ Eurofriend

Reykjavik Lil' Eurofriend

Today’s friend will give you a big Bear Hug… i mean Eurovision hug.


Reykjavik Lil’ Eurofriend

Country that represents: Iceland

Lil’ Heartflag powers: He makes hugs into the most coziest thing in the whole contest and he helps kids to be tender to others.

Birthday: June 17

Best Results in Esc: 2nd in 1999 and 2009

Best results in Jesc: None. Reykjavik didn’t debut yet

Euro Motto and favourite song: “Congratulation, I have arrived Im Reykjavik and i’m shining so bright!”- Congratulations (The 2006 Icelandic entry. Not to be confused with London’s Congratulations song)


Gefðu stór faðmlag gerir mig ánægð að segja “Halló, hvernig ert þú” I’m Reykjavik and you can see that my heartflag says “i represent Iceland at Eurovision”. I love to hug hug hug everyfriend and oh goody! It feels nice to help and hug hug hug when somefriend is sad or happy… or when they win Eurovision! I’m here for them! And you guessed right! My heartflag powers are the most hugging and i love making Teddy bears for my friends and family! I said so because my Nordic big brothers and big sisters gave me many plush bears (The Unitedpolis Bears that Cleveland Unitettefriend makes are my favorites) when i was a Eurobaby and since then, i collect these toys!

In Eurovision, i didn’t won yet!  But, being a Lil’ Eurofriend has it’s innocence charm. Me and my friends want to keep that charm for long… And now that we earned our heartflag powers, we stay keeping that as the good old Lil’ Eurofriends we are. Oh, i was talking about my job and  i forgot to mention that i love hugging hugging hugging my Eurostars when they’re chosen to the contest.

I always wished to participate on Junior Eurovision… but, like all the other Lil’ eurofriends i’m 5 and a three quarters Eurovision seasons Old! And technically, i’m the second eldest Lil’ Eurofriend. And also, i’ll only be there if my big sister Stockholm Eurettefriend hosts Jesc.

When you come to meet our lovely Europolis Europe, i’ll give you a big hug hug hug! Even you can hug everyfriend too! And i can show my collection of Teddy Bears from all over the world. Even my bear cub pet Jonsi is huggable huggable huggable! And don’t forget my Bear suit, ready to hug hug hug!

To my huggable huggable huggable friends in Escwebs, Hugs are Free!

Knús Knús Knús,

Reykjavik Lil’ Eurofriend






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