Meet San Marino Lil’ Eurofriend


Today’s Lil’ Eurofriend can have one of the smallest countries, but his has a big personality and big dreams to earn his Heartflag powers, makes him the leader of the Lil’ Eurofriends.

San Marino Lil’ Eurofriend

Country that represents: San Marino

Lil’ Heartflag Powers: He helps kids to remind that big things comes in small packages and he uses all forms of water to help everyfriend in need

Birthday: October 8

Best Results in Esc: ??? in 2014

Best Results in Jesc: 10th in 2013

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Vola, Vola, vola insieme a me!”- Crisalide (Vola)

Ciao a tutti mio compagni! I’m San Marino and my name’s also the country that i represent in Eurovision. It’s Esc-citing to see my country participate and you can agree with that! I love blue, it’s same as the sea, London’s hair and my favourite sailor suit (I have a lot of this in my wardrobe).

Even if i have a little expierence in Eurovision, i want to do big things for Everyfriend with my friends and see those actions getting bigger, but staying Lil’ Eurofriends forever. Reykjavik said so about the “Lil’ Eurofriend charm”. It makes Lil’ Eurofriends to stay young and it make us help kids to understand Eurovision for the first time. If my favourite song has a meaning, when i, or any of the Lil’ Eurofriends wins or not, is a big thing that we’re  no longer”Lil’ Eurofriends without heartflag powers” and we’re “Lil’ Eurofriends with Heartflag powers”. My small size and being 5 seasons old can fool you, but here i am doing BIG things for my friends and Eurostars

In Junior Eurovision, i almost debuted. But, i had the Eurochicken pox and i stayed in bed the season i was supposed to debut. But I debuted and i’m eager to keep doing big things. And now that my big sister Valletta Friend won, i can do my Lil’ star doing it in big time.

When you visit us, i’ll promise to visit the beach, a lagoon or Europark’s public pool. It’s up to you to decide where do we want swim. I’m the best swimmer in all Europolis. And even my jumps and powers can help Chisinau’s flowers grow or find Rabat in those Euroberry bushels! My big brother Rome and my big sister Valletta told me that last season, Astana Lil’ Eurettefriend (Don’t to be confused with Ankara Eurettefriend)  and Doha Lil’ Eurofriend moved to Europolis and i’m helping them and everyfriend else to feel like it’s Esc. Even if some of of the Eurofriends take a esc-break, i tell them about them after a day of trying to control my (the Lil’s) heartflag powers!

To my friends in Escwebs, big things comes in Lil’ Eurofriends (and Grown-up friends too!)

Tuo Amico,

San Marino Lil’ Eurofriend