Day 7: Direct finalists on stage and Welcome Reception!

EUrovision rehearsals press center

Picture: Dennis Stachel/EBU

Now that we have seen all the semi-finalists on stage twice, it’s direct finalists’ turn to conquer Malmö Arena on their first round of rehearsals. The order in which these countries rehearse has nothing to do with the exact running order in the final. Following times are local times (CET).

10:00-10:30 SPAIN
10:40-11:10 FRANCE
11:20-11:50 GERMANY

12:50-13:20 SWEDEN
13:30-14:00 UNITED KINGDOM
14:10-14:40 ITALY

Petra Mede’s press conference will take place at noon at the press center. It can be watched live online.

Opening ceremony

Later today, all the 39 delegations will attend Welcome Reception at Malmö Opera house. For the first time the event is streamed live online so that anyone can follow the festivities through SVT webcast.

At first, the artists will arrive and pose on the 70 meter long red carpet, after that the opening ceremony inside the opera house begins.

  • 18:30 Artists begin arriving to the the red carpet;

18.30: Christer Björkman, Petra Mede and Loreen
18.33: Azerbaijan
18.36: Albania
18.39: Armenia
18.42: Austria
18.45: Belarus
18.48: Belgium
18.51: Spain
18.54: Bulgaria
18.57: Croatia
19.00: Cyprus
19.03: Denmark
19.06: Estonia
19.09: Macedonia
19.12: Finland
19.15: France
19.18: Georgia
19.21: Greece
19.24: Hungary
19.27: Iceland
19.30: Ireland
19.33: Israel
19.36: Germany
19.39: Latvia
19.42: Lithuania
19.45: Malta
19.48: Moldova
19.51: Montenegro
19.54: Norway
19.57: Sweden
20.00: Romania
20.03: Russia
20.06: San Marino
20.09: Serbia
20.12: Slovenia
20.15: United Kingdom
20.18: Switzerland
20.21: Nedtherlands
20.24: Ukraine
20.27: Italy

  • 20:40 All artists have arrived at the Malmö Opera
  • 21:00 Opening Ceremony at the Malmö Opera begins
  • 21:30 Opening Ceremony at the Malmö Opera ends

As soon as these festivities are over, the delegations will be shuttled to the EuroClub, to join accredited press and fans for the Welcome Party.