Day 7: Big5 and Sweden try out the stage as well!

The direct finalists arrived in Malmö for their first rehearsals. This first round was again closed for press and therefore we’ll get to see the full 3-minute rehearsal videos only on Wednesday when these countries rehearse again. The order in which these countries rehearsed has nothing to do with the actual running order which will be decided after we’ll know the semi-final qualifiers.


Spain rehearsals

A warm performance by El Sueño de Morfeo opened today’s rehearsals. The performance starts dramatically with the arena in colors of purple and blue while a bagpipe player is standing on the satellite stage. After the first chorus the colors turn into warm orange and red and eventually the lead singer Raquel takes over the catwalk.


Amandine is a confident artist on stage in Malmö. She knows how to flirt with cameras and her performance is very sexy and she likes to play with the microphone stand. Amandine clearly gives her everything while her three backing vocalists complete the show.


Natalie starts her performance on the glass stairs just like in the national final but later moves on to the catwalk and satellite stage. The show also features pyros falling from the ceiling. She will also have the same two backing vocalists as in the national final and a completely different dress.


 Olle Kirchmeier/SVT.

Everything in Robin’s performance has been completely changed from Melodifestivalen. The backdrop is red and Robin’s as well as his dancers’ clothes are very white with some grey and beige. The same sort of a pyro rain as in Melodifestivalen was used when the song reached its climax.


Bonnie starts her song with the band on the stage which is very yellowish and orange. Later Bonnie takes advantage of the satellite stage which is being lifted up at the end of the song. A wind machine will be used next Saturday as well.


Marco Mengoni’s performance is very simple which suits the song. He is on stage on his own without any backing vocalists, dancers or tricks. Just him and the song.

PICTURES: Sander Hesterman/EBU, Olle Kirchmeier/SVT