Reporting from Malmö – Monday

Many tourists inside the central station yesterday. Eurovision-related posters goes all the way along with these pink and blue dots on the ground saying welcome in different languages.

Yesterday I arrived at Malmö in the middle of the day. After 8 hours on a bus from Oslo, me and my boyfriend was both very tired, so we decided to not do that much.

The first thing we could see when we drove into Malmö city was butterflies on big posters and an even bigger poster saying It’s all because of you ou ou ou from the Swedish entry this year. From the bus stop we could follow the butterflies on the ground into the big central station, which of course was filled with Eurovision stuff. Everything from Eurovision-stands to a big disco ball and music was welcoming us. They played many Eurovision entries from the latest years along with Melodifestivalen hits and, of course, ABBA.

It seemed like all the Eurovision-related stuff was fairly easy to find, and even though there were many tourists in the city, everyone could easily get assistance when needed.

Today (Tuesday), we will try to explore the city more and of course, watch the first semifinal!
Who do you think will go through to the final tonight?

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