Day 10: Direct finalists’ round two rehearsals

The direct finalists, Big5 and Sweden, had their second round of reharsals in Malmö Arena today. These rehearsals were open for the press so that we got to see full 3-minute rehearsal videos.


El Sueño de Morfeo arrived in the arena well rested and ready for the rehearsals. The lead singer Raquel had changed her dress to a white one and their rehearsals went well, just like on Sunday. The performance starts with a bagpipe player on the satellite stage. Later on, the performance takes advantage of the arena’s lamps that can be lowered down from the ceiling. A nice performance for a nice song, harmless and forgettable.


In this year’s contest which is full of ballads, ‘Glorious’ is a surprisingly refreshing song. Natalie is a confident perfomer who isn’t afraid of being on stage. She is also a good singer although today she was somewhat out of tune. Singing in the first half of the final won’t be a good sign for this act, sadly.


France: Second rehearsal

Amandine really gets inside her song and makes sure no-one is left cold after this show. Her performance is full of anger, sex and love – and she manages to show them all by herself without dancers or fire shows. Vocally Amandine is very strong but it’s hard to see Europe getting inside Amandine’s feelings and therefore she remains distant.


It’s not easy to perform in front of the home audience and the pressure must be huge. The choreography still looks weird especially when you are used to the Melodifestivalen performance. If only Robin manages to sing high notes perfectly, which seems he can, he could end up in Top 10 with his very radio friendly song.


United Kingdom: Second Rehearsal

Today Bonnie came in Malmö Arena wearing her final costume for Saturday night. The absolute highlight of this performance is when Bonnie steps on the satellite stage which lifts her high above the audience. It’ll surely look good on television and without that, the performance would perhaps be too stabile. The destiny of Engelbert seems unlikely to happen this year as Bonnie seems to be in a good shape vocally as well! More good news is that the UK will perform in the second half and avoids being in the first half which is full of ballads.


The Italians’ favorite boy Marco Mengoni conquered the arena next. Overall, the Big5 seem to have great artists with great songs in this year’s contest and Italy follows the path. Marco is on stage alone which is not a bad thing at all – he really manages to take over the space with his voice. Time will tell what he will wear on Saturday which, of course, is an essential part of Eurovision.