Direct finalists draw their halves for the final

Eurovision rehearsals press center

We still don’t know the remaining ten finalists who will be competing in the grand final on Saturday night but we do know in which halves the already qualified semi-finalists and direct finalists will compete in. The artists picked up a paper from the bowl and were drawn either into the first or second half of the final. The Swedish producers will determine the exact running order on Friday when we know the semi-final two qualifiers.

As the host country, Sweden has been drawn to compete on spot number 16 to avoid favoring.

  • Germany -< First half/li>
  • Italy – Second half
  • France – First half
  • United Kingdom – Second half
  • Spain – First half
  • Sweden – Second half (#16)

Right after last night’s show, the brand new finalists were drawn into the first or second half like this:

First half (1-13):

  • Estonia
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Belarus
  • Moldova
  • Lithuania

Second half (14-26):

  • Denmark
  • Ukraine
  • Ireland