Reporting from Malmö: Tuesday

Tuesday was the day of the first semifinal, and we had finally time to explore the city of Malmö. Everywhere we went, there were big posters and butterflies, and of course many tourists waving with their flags. In every single store, restaurant or generally on every official place, we could hear Eurovision and Melodifestivalen hits. We visited Eurovision Village for a little while before we took the bus to Malmö Arena.IMG_0318

It was surprisingly easy to do everything around the arena. The line was long, but effective ticket checking made it fast, so we did not have to wait for a long time and we were constantly moving. So, thumbs up for the Swedish concept this year. Our standing places were right beside the stage and we could see everything pretty good the whole time, and since we got flashing bracelets we felt like we were a part of the show as well.IMG_0336

Danish fans were everywhere, and it was easy to see that this was the night of the Danish people, both inside and outside the arena. But even though Denmark is the big favorite this year, Netherlands were the performance that got most attention and cheering in the audience yesterday.IMG_0337

I think the Swedes succeeded when it came to organization, and it was not unpleasant to have a standing place. We could easily move, and there were not difficult to get out in case of an emergency.IMG_0338

It was an awesome night, but because of the place of the hotel we stay in, we had to go straight back without being able to take part of any after-party.

What did you think of the new finalists?

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