Australia votes: Denmark wins SF 1 followed by Montenegro and Ireland!

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Europeans didn’t quite get Montenegro but the viewers Down Under seemed to love it!

The Australians get to enjoy all the Eurovision shows as the local broadcaster SBS has broadcasted the show already for 30 years now! This weekend, both semi-finals and the final will be aired which means they are shown with a delay.

Today it was time for the first semi-final and the local viewers could vote for their favorites online. The top rated country was Denmark with 32,578 points, followed by Montenegro (22,562 points) and Ireland in third place with 21,916 points. Here are their qualifiers of the first semi-final:

  1. Denmark
  2. Montenegro
  3. Ireland
  4. Russia
  5. Serbia
  6. Croatia
  7. Moldova
  8. Ukraine
  9. Belarus
  10. Slovenia

As always, you can see some differences as Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia all failed to qualify as voted by the Europeans. Meanwhile, one of the real qualifiers Estonia was the least liked by the Aussies.

11. Austria
12. Netherlands
13. Belgium
14. Cyprus
15. Lithuania
16. Lithuania

The second semi-final will be broadcast on Saturday and the grand final on Sunday night. Meanwhile you can visit SBS’ Eurovision website at