Meet Stockholm Eurettefriend

Stockholm Eurettefriend

Today’s friend has a song… i mean, all kinds of songs in her heartflag.

Stockholm Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Sweden

Heartflag powers: She helps and makes people sing their feelings and she helps to share the stage with others

Birthday: June 6

Best Results in Esc: 1st in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999 and 2012

Best Results in Jesc: 3rd in 2006

Euro Motto and favourite song: “It’s all because of you”- You

♫Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la si, Esc♫ I’m Stockholm Eurettefriend and my country i represent is ♫Sweden♫ at Eurovision. I’m a music diva Eurettefriend who loves to make ♫music for everyfriend. Come on and dance!♫ and making songs and ♫singing is what i love in the whole song Contest!♫ Ironically, the only genre i can’t sing is opera, that’s because ♫when i sing classic music, i sound like penguin that can’t sing, but can dance♫. The best part of singing is that together is better and expressing your good feelings into song is something that makes me a ♫kind musician known by my fellow Eurofriends, Worldfriends and People from all over the world♫. I admire Everyfriend who makes songs from all over the world and i love to ♫hear them sing♫ and i admire them all, literally!

Eurovision is my favourite thing in the ♫whole song contest♫. And i can use my heartflag powers on everyfriend, even in all the other Eurofriends. wait! ♫I use my heartflag on everyfriend to make them sing♫ and have good music in the world. ♫I bring music to everyfriend’s ears in the world♫ and making Abba and Loreen is obvious- ♫and these examples were done by me, using heartflag powers in action♫. If my sister Helsinki can rock with Lordi and win, or my brother Oslo can play the violin with Secret Garden and Alexander Rybak, ♫i can bring the schlager notes to the song contest and have 5 victories♫.

Since i’m the most loyal friend in every Eurovision event. In Junior Eurovision, ♫ i always help kids at Junior Eurovision to make them sing for the first time♫. Or, what about ♫watch me dance♫ at Young Dancers? Madrid Friend taught me to dance! And even i’m on Young Musicians, but my ♫best music instrument is my voice♫.

When you come to Europolis… ♫You have to come to my concerts too!♫ All the concerts i make are different from each other and ♫i also release cds with my favourite and original songs♫. Even when’s trouble, ♫i can use my singing skills to save the day and the Song Contest♫.

To my friends in Escwebs, ♫listening all kinds of music like me open minds and feelings♫.

♫Musik är din bästa vän!♫

Stockholm Eurettefriend