Running order for the final determined!

Winners on stage

The producers of this year’s song contest have determined the running order for the final, just a few hours after last night’s second semi-final. The order was approved by the Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand who was the only person to know the exact semi-final results.

From France to Ireland via 24 others – here’s the running order:

  1. France
  2. Lithuania
  3. Moldova
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Estonia
  8. Belarus
  9. Malta
  10. Russia
  11. Germany
  12. Armenia
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Romania
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Sweden
  17. Hungary
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Ukraine
  23. Italy
  24. Norway
  25. Georgia
  26. Ireland

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