Meet Tallinn Eurettefriend

Tallinn Eurettefriend

Today’s friend is as sweet as sugar.


Tallinn Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Estonia

Heartflag Powers: She has the ability to make everything sweet and she helps people to share everything

Birthday: February 24

Best Results in Esc: 1st in 2001

Best Results in Jesc: None. Tallinn didn’t debut yet

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Come on, Everybody, Let’s feel the Spark, That always stays within our hearts”- Everybody


Tere, kullake! I’m Tallinn Eurettefriend and i represent Estonia! I’m the most sweetest friend of all friends in the world and that’s because of my Heartflag Powers, my voice and of course, being the Eurofriends Official baker. I love to bake and cook everything sweet and i always test my recipes first. Because Worldfriends bodies a little different, i’m a big example and you know i can absorb lots and lots of sugar without making me sick in the process.

My Eurovision career is always sweet as myeuretteself! Even, i always make the safe decisions in my national final Eesti Laul and i try to send the most sweetest Eurostars you’ll ever meet and they go to Europolis for my fresh baked cupcakes.  If i send somefriend with sour notes, i’ll get sour Nul points. But, don’t worry! This could never happen, since my Heartflag powers are ready to sweet everyfriend.

I heard my little brothers Riga and Vilnius didn’t success in Junior Eurovision. If i’ll debut, it will be sweeter as me in any sense!

When you come to Europolis in Eurovision season, you can come to visit me in my bakery. I love to share everything and even i can help you to share! Even you can share my cupcakes with your family and friends from all over the world. You can come back for more cupcakes!


To My Sweeties in Escwebs, my cupcakes are ready to share with all of you!


Sinu kallis sõber,

Tallinn Eurettefriend