Reporting from Malmö: Thursday

The second semifinal was on and we were extra excited since our homecountry, Norway, was competing.


Once again we had standing places, and this time we got in the front row and could see the stage perfectly. It was a great experience, and I never thought that I would be able to get this close to the contest.


We did not bring a Norwegian flag, but we found a lost Finnish one, so we picked that up and cheered for Finland as well! I also got a pink rose from a lady screaming Greetings from Finland! So I guess I was really into Finland yesterday.


There wasn’t so much screaming and cheering as it was on Tuesday, but you could easily tell that Finland, Malta, Greece, Iceland and Norway got the most cheering. Romania also got many reactions in the audience of course.

And we actually saw Margaret Berger from Norway doing some window shopping just some hours before the show was on.

Both me and my boyfriend was very pleased with the result of last night, and he waved with the Finnish flag all night long!


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