EBU investigates: Did Azerbaijan buy votes?

Azerbaijan voting 2013

A Lithuanian news site 15min.lt discovered how some Russian speaking men tried to offer money and SIM cards for students to make sure they would vote for Azerbaijan at Eurovision on Saturday. The site secretly filmed a video of the meeting which took place at a cafe in Vilnius.

This year, Azerbaijan received full 12 points from ten countries, Lithuania among them. Also Malta awarded its 12 points for Azerbaijan which isn’t unusual – the island has given its 12 points to Azerbaijan ever since 2010 which raises doubts year after year among some fans.

– We are often contacted by people who say that (that countries buy votes) but we don’t have any proofs and therefore we can’t do anything about it, says Jon Ola Sand to Aftonbladet.

He continues saying that he hasn’t seen the video clip of 15min.lt and therefore can’t comment the allegations.

– We have a very good system and I’m sure we have good results as well. We have no reason to believe that someone has cheated.

However, in a press release for Sveriges Radio, EBU says they will start investigating whether Azerbaijan really did buy votes from other participating countries.

EBU will look further into these specific allegations to see if there is substance to it and if any specific measures have to be taken in the future.

SOURCE: SVT, 15min.lt, Sverigesradio, Aftonbladet

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  1. hey this is absurd,Azerbaijan deserved this place with this song,so u must to know that azerbaijanians in everywhere in europe

    • Any facts or proofs? Azerbaijan is a small country, and they bought Eurovision contest? Its LOFMAO

  2. Guys, the song was really great and this is nonsence to think that they could beat millions of votes with some peanuts cash amounts.
    This video is complete bullshit and definately provocation!

    • Sure it is! Azers are very decent and they never would do such a terrible things!

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