New voting system confuses‏


Where did the points go?

The way how the jury votes and televotes are combined changed a little bit this year. Unlike in previous years, this time the juries ranked all the songs instead of their Top 10. Therefore the juries have slightly more power which can be seen in the results of Italian voting.

RAI revealed the exact percentages of televoting results which shows that Romania received over 20% of all the televotes in the final. However, Cezar received only one point from Italy as the jury has apparently ranked him very low. The jury votes haven’t been revealed.

In Azerbaijan even the president is surprised to notice that Russia didn’t receive any points at all. Azerbaijan usually gives Russia high points but this year not a single point. The president demands a recount of votes but it might be that the jury has simply ranked Russia lower than the televoters. According to the data collected from mobile operators by, Russia was the most voted or second most voted by the audience.

Also Montenegro is confused by this new voting format – Analitika wonders why Ukraine received full 12 points from the country in the semi-final but nothing at all in the final.


7 responses to “New voting system confuses‏

  1. confusing…
    Taking an example where we have the most data:
    How do you mathematically demonstrate the 1 point given to Romania from Italy?
    We can see the voters gave Romania 12 points.
    Assuming the jury gave Cezar the least amount of points – that is 0 points
    The average is 6 points.
    However, Romania got 1 point from Italy.
    Just doesn’t add up…

    • Maybe the jury vote has higher coefficient than the audience’s. So the calculations are not done by the average :-/ In any case, voting in Eurovision has always been political games

  2. Hvis eg kan lese reglane på Norsk,so kan eg kanskje forstå nåke…

      • I agree, the “50/50” really isn’t true which is unfair, the televoters should have more power and I believe this new system is why for example Finland and Ireland were left last. They must have been higher in televotes but not in jury voting. It’s true that this new system might prevent block voting but why is block voting always so bad? Neighbouring countries just usually have similar culture so they like similar music as well. Another thing that I find stupid is that juries only have like five members – these five have more power than thousands of televoters at home!

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