DR to create an intimate atmosphere

Jan Lagermand Lundme, Emmelie de Forest

Emmelie de Forest and Jan Lagermand Lundme after the victory | Picture: Thomas Hanses/EBU

Newly appointed ‘Head of Show’ for Eurovision 2014, Jan Lagermand Lundme, has shared his first thoughts about how DR will organize next year’s event. He says that they will try to create an intimate atmosphere, even if the contest would take place in Parken, Copenhagen.

He also admits that DR should learn from 2001 when 35,000 people were in the audience which was later criticized. This time they won’t break the record.

There are currently several potential host city options and Parken is only one of them. Herning, Fredericia, Aalborg and even Horsens have all expressed their willingness to get to host this event.

Will learn from SVT

Lundme praises the way how SVT organized Eurovision this year and says they probably held the best Eurovision ever. Therefore DR will learn from SVT but also adds that they won’t organize the contest exactly the way how SVT did.

DR has appointed a key team to plan next year’s competition and is currently recruiting professionals from tv-industry to help producing the show. Lundme says they will probably reveal more of their plans after summer when the host city will also be clear.