Meet Tbilisi Eurettefriend

Tbilisi Eurettefriend


Today’s friend is all about peace and harmony.


Tbilisi Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Georgia (Not to be confused with Atlanta Unitettefriend, the friend who represents the state of Georgia)

Heartflag powers: She brings peace to everyfriend in need, literally and she makes good relationships strong

Birthday: December 25

Best Results in Esc: 9th in 2010 and 2011

Best Results in Jesc: 1st in 2008 and 2011

Euro Motto and favourite song: “Blow the trumpet, beat the drum, peace will come!”- Peace Will Come


Gaumarjos megobrebs! I’m Tbilisi Eurettefriend and my peace says that i represent a country called Georgia in Eurovision Events. There’s also a friend that looks like me called Atlanta, who lives in Unitedpolis and she represents Georgia… the state to be more exact. I love to be the peacemaker of the team, always ready to calm tense situations and celebrate good relationships with everyfriend in the World and in the Song Contest. And my peace says it a hard job, but i’m always ready to bring World peace and Friend peace. That’s the same thing i guess.

In Eurovision Song Contest, i always bring peace and harmony everytime i qualify! And my peace says once i forgot that, because i sent Anri who sang awfully and then i missed a Esc final! I prefer quiet Esc songs and everyfriend i know including Oslo and my two triplet brothers always agrees with that! Even, i have to acept and understand the noisiest Eurostars and friends i meet. Also, having so many Eurostars called Sopho made me to name my platypus pet like that.

In Junior Eurovision, i had better luck. And my peace says that i’m good helping Lil’ Eurostars easily so much that i won twice. I know that beacuse Geneva Friend taught me everything!

My peace says you should visit Europolis, Europe! A place where peace is a work in progress. I can help to calm you when you’re upset, or cranky, or whatever nul point feelings you have and i’ll turn them into peaceful 12 point feelings! Even my heartflag powers will never hurt you, Actually heartflag Powers never hurt people, but helps them to make them happy!


To my friends in Escwebs, my peace says that good relationships are made to celebrate!


ak’vsmshvidobiani dghe,

Tbilisi Eurettefriend