DR and EBU archiving old song contests

Katja Ebstein

Katja Ebstein finished second for Germany in 1980

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is not the only ESC-related project for DR at the moment. The Danish broadcaster is working together with EBU to create a platform for old Eurovision Song Contests. All the song contests (except for 1956 and 1964) will be archived there to create a library for broadcasters and their employees. The intention is to make it easier for journalists to produce clips for TV with content from the archive.

The project started in 2011 and it is expected to be finished by 2015 when Eurovision celebrates its 60th anniversary. Due to the rights, the service won’t be open to public, at least not already in 2015. However, EBU provides some material for fans as well.

– For the fans of the contest, we will try and provide archive content through the eurovision.tv website. We hope that rights will let us provide some interesting clips, Andreas Larsen from DR tells ESC Webs.