EBU highlights the importance of ERT as a national broadcaster


Today the Greek government announced it will shut down its public broadcaster ERT already tonight due to the poor financial situation and budget cuts. The European Broadcasting Union which organizes Eurovision Song Contest has already expressed its concern regarding the news.

In a letter, sent by the President of the EBU Jean Paul Philippot and the EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre, the EBU urged the Greek Prime Minister to use all his powers to immediately reverse this decision.

– While we recognize the need to make budgetary savings, national broadcasters are more important than ever at times of national difficulty. This is not to say that ERT need be managed less efficiently than a private company. Naturally, all public funds must be spent with the greatest of care, EBU says in a press release.

Over 2,000 people lost their jobs. The broadcaster will be reopened later this year but notably smaller. Eurovision Song Contest participation is unsure and it remains to be seen whether Greece will be seen competing in Denmark. ERT is currently the only active EBU member in Greece and therefore the only one able to participate the song contest.