Austria: Savings will affect the way the representative is selected

Five artists are competing in Austrian 'Österreich rockt den Song Contest' this year. Their songs are yet to be revealed but we know that their names are Yela, Natália Kelly, The Bandaloop, Elija and Falco Luneau. The final will take place on the 15th of February where the winner is going to be selected by a jury together with the audience.

No more this in 2014?

Like many broadcasters around the continent also the Austrian broadcasting company ORF has to cut its costs. Many programs will be terminated but luckily Eurovision isn’t one of them according to the current plans.

However, the way how the representative is chosen will most likely be changed. This year a televised national final was organized but it might be that ‘Österreich rockt den Song Contest’ will be scrapped next year, one possible and obviously much cheaper option is to choose the representative internally.

Any further information hasn’t been released as it’s too early. It’s also good to remind that Austria or any other country hasn’t confirmed participation as it is officially possible only when EBU starts to accept participation applications in fall.