Meet Tel Aviv Eurofriend

Tel-Aviv Eurofriend

Today, we’ll meet a friend who knows that sky is no limit for him and the other friends.


Tel Aviv Eurofriend

Country that represents: Israel

Heartflag Powers: He helps people to meet new places and he has the ability to open others minds… even his own

Birthday: May 14

Best Results in Esc: 1st in 1978, 1979 and 1998

Best Results in Jesc: 8th in 2012

Euro Motto and Favourite song: “Together we are one, true love has finally come”- Together We Are One (Ze hazman)


Shalom, everyfriend! I’m Tel Aviv and the wind blows i represent Israel at Eurovision. I’m a open-mind friend who enjoys flying and having fun meeting new places where nofriend in the Song Contest had reached before… Well, almost. Despite i was born in Middleeastpolis, i love to live in Europolis, my second home and i love to hang out with my friends and Eurostars. Even my little brother Rabat is always trying to see new places, but he’s playing hide and seek.

It’s always esc-citing to participate in Eurovision, well from my point of view! And i can go whetever which direcion the wind blows for the winning friends and see where they host. Like everyfriend else, i love to choose my Eurostars and they’re unique. Like Dana International, she was my Eurostar twice! If my birthday coincides in a semifinal or the Eurovision final itself, i have to give my place to any of my friends who deserves it.

I recently debuted in Junior Eurovision, along with my Eurobest friend Baku, or it was Yerevan Friend. Those twin Eurofriends look almost the same and are my Eurobest friends in all the whole Song Contest. But whichever the wind blows, i’ll continue to help my Lil’ Eurostars.

Europolis, Europe is a big place to visit and it has places i love to see. And be sure to meet those sites and see it with your friendly own eyes. Even You can meet Andorra Friend too!


To my Friends in Esc Webs, open your minds and meet new places around the world. I love to see those places anytime!


טיסה למקומות חדשים היא משהו שהלב שלך פועם גבוהה יותר.


Tel Aviv Eurofriend