ESC 2013 a big success for Malmö and Skåne

Betting odds (Janus Langhorn)

Eurovision Song Contest might be an expensive event for the organizing nation but in fact the contest will pay for itself as Skåne County told today.

– For Skåne the contest meant an opportunity to create new jobs and growth to the region. We received a lot of positive attention in media when it comes to presenting Malmö and Skåne as an attractive venue for different events, Ingrid Bengtsson Rijavec, Skåne County’s Acting Regional Director says.

Malmö and Skåne invested nearly 28 million SEK (~3,2 million €) in addition to SVT’s 14 million euros. However, for example tourism revenues increased by 21 million euros thanks to Eurovision. Malmö’s Tourism Director Johan Hermansson believes that the positive effect will be visible in the future as well.

– We can be pretty sure that this (ESC 2013) is a positive thing for Malmö even in the long run. We have managed to spread positive image over Malmö in the press around the world and we can already see that the demand has increased when it comes to meetings and travelling to our region.