Meet Tirana Eurettefriend

Tirana Eurettefriend


Today, we’ll meet a magical friend who loves to use her heartflag powers in a special way.


Tirana Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Albania

Heartflag Powers: She adds magic in everything and everyfriend and she helps people to see the magic inside them

Birthday: November 28

Best Results in Esc: 5th in 2012

Best Results in Jesc: 12th in 2012

Euro Motto and Favourite song:  “Ti-ti-da eh Ti-ti-da May the world share as one- let the song begin”- Tomorrow I go


Ti-ti-da! Abra-qualifybra! I’m Tirana Eurettefriend and I represent Albania. As you can see me,  if you think i’m a Witch… But actually, i’m a good wizard and i love to use my heartflag powers to help my friends and anyfriend in need.  Hey! That’s my Euromission, to help everyfriend to see their magic… and see the sparkle glow through their achiements and good work.  Even my little sister Pristina Lil’ Friend, even she treats me as a fraternal figure and we love to do things together.

I love to use my magic for good. And one of these things is Eurovision! Yes, i got my best result because Pristina wanted her kosovan stars can take part in the Contest. And i was thinking, if my sis and i end in top 2, you could say “It’s destiny these friends work together and win Song Contests together”. That’s sounds magic to me! I have to put my magic working nice in Eurovision… even if my cousin Belgrade thinks i do some tricks from the Friend tales in Molitva Library for myeuretteself… but i only do so when they need me to save the day.

I’m starting to learn the magic of Junior Eurovision. It’s a work in progress. You don’t have to worry if i do wrong the first time, i’ll keep trying to improve my magic tricks on my Lil’ Eurostars. If i’ll win these, i’ll make everyfriend speechless for a full song… but i has to have lyrics.

When you come to visit Europolis, Europe. I’ll do my famous magic shows. It takes Eurovision seasons to practice, but i’ll make it worth. But, my favourite holiday is Euroween. The only day in the Eurovision calendar that everyfriend says i’m a… Good Wizard dressed as a Good Witch! But, is my everyday outfit.

To my friends in Escwebs, Magic is a good thing… and a big responsability for everyfriend in the world.


Esc, Jesc, Boo!

Tirana Eurettefriend