Norway: Details around MGP 2014 revealed

The supervisor of Melodi Grand Prix (MGP), Vivi Stenberg, has today revealed some more details about next years national selection. It was quickly decided that MGP wanted a change in their national selection, and the focus will be on the quality of the entries.

Stenberg could reveal that the contest will be more available on the internet, and that the fans now can vote online for some of the entries that will compete in the final, instead of having several semifinals. Stenberg will choose the rest of the entries. There is still unknown how many entries that will be published online, but there will be a total of 15 entries in the final.

Even though the semifinals are gone, there will still be three liveshows before the final, presenting the entries and to choose three finalists. They want the public to get to know the artist better, and these shows will show a short documentary of each of the competitors.

Source: VG