[UPD] Belgium: Eurosong returns in 2014

Roberto Bellarosa

The Flemish broadcaster is responsible of the Belgian Eurovision entry in 2014 and it is planned that Eén will organize a national final where the audience can decide the representative. The broadcaster is now working on a new format for Eurosong which will be aired on Sunday(s) as a few years ago.

The last time Eurosong was held in 2008 when Ishtar won the pre-selection with memorable ‘O julissi’. The official launch for Eurosong 2014 is expected to happen soon when we will know the details of the format.

This year Roberto Bellarosa was chosen internally by another broadcaster, RTBF. The song for him was selected out of three options and the final was aired on radio. In Malmö Belgium finished 12th.

UPDATE All the willing candidates can send a video clip of them singing their own version of a former Eurovision entry. The broadcaster also calls for songs, both, international and Belgian composers can enter the race. The deadline to enter is October 7th. More information can be found here.