DR follows the footsteps of SVT – viewers get closer to artists

Jan Lagermand Lundme, Emmelie de Forest

Emmelie de Forest and Jan Lagermand Lundme after the Danish victory in Malmö

More emotions, please!

That’s what the Eurovision 2014 host broadcaster DR wants. Today the organisers broke the silence by unveiling Copenhagen as the host city for next year’s song contest. Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme revealed some of their plans for May and it seems that DR follows the footsteps of SVT in some areas.

Just like the Swedish broadcaster, also DR wants a more compact event which means that tv viewers will get closer to the participants. This means that also the postcards will portray the artists themselves and not Danish landscapes.

But who will host it?

Now as we know the host city, the next big question is who will get to host the three shows. Whether there will be only one host like this year, or more is yet to be disclosed but the most important criterion for DR is to have host(s) with personality. Lundme couldn’t tell when we will find out the name(s) but promised that we’ll know it by May.