DR appoints “Chief Stage Director”

Kenneth Kreutzmann

The 2014 host broadcaster DR has hired Kenneth Kreutzmann as the Chief Stage Director of Eurovision 2014. In other words he is the man who is in charge of the opening and interval acts.

Kreutzmann, born in 1964, is a contemporary dancer who has had his own dance company. He has also staged many musicals and in 2010 he was one of the jury members in the Danish national final. When speaking of his thoughts when it comes to Eurovision 2014, he replies that he wants to involve audience in the show.

– Our slogan ‘Join us!’ is the guiding principle. We want to involve audience in the show and make sure that the viewers will be affected by what they see. Of course it must be something spectacular and beautiful but the most important thing is to tell a story, Kreutzmann explains.

As an example of this he mentions the opening act of the first semi-final in Malmö when Loreen interpreted ‘Euphoria’ by using sign language.

He describes B&W Hallerne as a very special venue and says that as the roof is 60 meters high, there must be something in the air as well.