Eurovision vote-rigging allegations keep on coming

Azerbaijan voting 2013

Four months after Malmö 2013 the jury voting is still being questioned as it is suspected that certain countries exchange votes to make sure they succeed in the competition. Today a Swedish newspaper Skånskan Dagbladet reported that a person who worked within some country’s delegation in Malmö told that he or she was contacted a week before the semifinal by Macedonian delegation.

– Person X started the conversation by saying ‘I need to talk to you about a deal which could bring us both closer to the final, the person who wants to remain anonymous says.

If they would have signed the deal it would have meant that the countries would have given each other 10 points in the jury voting.

Azerbaijan and a ‘southern European country’ also involved

Macedonia was not the only country trying to buy votes behind the scenes. According to this same person also the Azerbaijani delegation contacted him. He was offered ‘enough money to live for an entire year’ if he was able to fix high points for Azerbaijan.

Yet another offer came from a ‘southern European country’. In this case money was not playing the key role.

– When I asked about the deal this person told that they would arrange good and visible PR for our representative in their country.

Which country suggested this remains unclear as it wasn’t stated in the article of Skånskan.

Macedonian Head of Delegation denies

The Macedonian HoD was contacted by the newspaper and he denied these allegations right away. Ljupcho Mirkovski claims to know the person who is behind these revelations and says this was not the first time this person tried to smear the Macedonian delegation.

When Skånskan contacted the southern European broadcaster, they were directed to speak with a lawyer who claims the story is false. The newspaper was not able to reach anyone from the Azerbaijani delegation to comment the news.

More articles about the vote rigging from previous months can be read for example on the websites of Eurovisionista and You can read how Sietse Bakker reacts to this here.

SOURCE: Skånskan Dagbladet