Emmelie de Forest presents a new music video – and her partner

Emmelie de Forest music video

The current queen of Eurovision, Danish Emmelie de Forest, has today released a new music video for her single ‘Hunter And Prey’. The song is included in her debut album, released just before ESC 2013 in Malmö, and is her follow-up single to ‘Only Teardrops’. The video can be viewed below.

In other news the singer has revealed that she is in relationship with Jakob Glæsner, 42, who in 2009 competed in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and who has penned several entries, for example ‘New Tomorrow’ for A Friend In London which represented the country in 2011. Emmelie, 20, is not worried about their age difference and reminds that her father was 17 years older than her mother.