Sweden: The entries are in!



This morning, Melodifestivalen got all their entries for 2014 in hand. The number of entries is 2628, which is probably the highest number of entries any country will receive for their national final.  Usually, it’s only Melodifestivalen that receives over 1000 entries every year. The producer of Melodifestivalen, Christer Björkman thinks this is because Sweden has many songwriters, which is not only remarkable in the Swedish national selection, but also in other countries national selections.  Björkman is also a bit disappointed about the number of entries this year, basically because he want quality instead of quantity and he has for a long time tried to get this out to the songwriters. He wants only the best of the best.

Out of these 2628 entries, 2067 of them is for the official competition, while 561 is received for the competition where everyone can send in their entry. The next step is for a jury to select which entries that will go to the real contest. Out of the 2067 entries, they will pick a maximum of 15 entries, and at least 1 entry from the 561 others. Then they will be left with 16 spaces for other entries, which will be specially invited or selected specially from the rest of the entries they already got. One of these 16 spaces is already gone though, to the winner of Svensktoppen nästa 2013, as usually. Eko is therefore the first name we know for Melodifestivalen 2014.

Source: SVT