DR asks for financial help – “It’s up to politicians now”

Eurovision 2014 venue

B&W Hallerne will host the shows

The costs of hosting Eurovision Song Contest have increased notably over the last years especially after the semi-finals were introduced. Therefore the 2014 contest will cost DR much more than it did in 2001 when the broadcaster spent some 70 million kroner (~9 million euros). DR now asks for more money from the state as the Danish press reports.

– It is correct that DR has written a letter to the Ministry of Culture with a request to be considered when the relevant parties meet to discuss how to spend the surplus funds from licence fees, DR General Director Maria Rørbye Rønn comments.

She continues saying that DR is in need for extra funding due to the fact that ‘there was no way to predict that Denmark would’ve won this year’.

This year in Sweden SVT budgeted some 14 million euros for Eurovision Song Contest. The contest can also pay itself back, at least partly, as EBU and participating broadcasters share the costs, also the ticket sales incomes and sponsors give some of the money back.

– We have applied for a share of the funds and now it is up to politicians to decide how much they want to contribute, Rønn adds.

Eurovision 2014 takes place in Copenhagen between May 6 and 10.

SOURCE: The Copenhagen Post