Meet Vaduz Lil’ Eurettefriend

Vaduz Lil' Eurettefriend

Originally, we’re posting Vaduz Eurettebaby, but suddenly she grew up and turned into a a Lil’ Friend. Everything in her profile is actually said by Vaduz her-euretteself, only that she don’t know how to use pronouns yet.


Vaduz Lil’ Eurettefriend

Country that represents: Liechtenstein

Heartflag Powers: None. Vaduz is the Youngest Lil’ Eurettefriend

Birthday: July 12

Best Results in Esc: None. Vaduz didn’t debut yet.

Best Results in Jesc: None. Vaduz didn’t debut yet.

Euro Motto and Favourite song: None yet. Vaduz is trying to learn how use pronouns.


Guten tag! Vaduz here! And Vaduz’s country is Liechtenstein. Vaduz loves ribbons and is on Vaduz dress and those represent bonds between friends, fans and Eurostars. Vaduz love the other Lil’ Eurofriends and Vaduz’s glad to be part of the team. Of course, Vaduz wants to make bonds, even Vaduz wants to earn heartflag powers with that! And Vaduz has 4 Eurovision seasons old and Vaduz is already looking for the right powers.

Vaduz wants to be in Eurovision, along with the other Lil’ Friends and Vaduz’s big siblings Berlin, Geneva and Vienna Friends. But Vaduz’s 4 Eurovision seasons old. Vaduz can’t wait to debut and help everyfriend in the world. Vaduz has to learn from everyfriend first.

Vaduz love Junior Eurovision! But Vaduz is too young for that too! But Vaduz loves kids coming to Europolis, Europe and even Vaduz has the chance to play with them.

Spaking of Europolis, Europe. Vaduz loves to see visitors from all over the world. Vaduz is always esc-cited to meet everyfriend who needs Eurovision help and Vaduz can be a big help too!


To Everyfriend in Escwebs, Vaduz knows that Eurofans always have a big bond to Eurovision.



Vaduz Lil’ Eurettefriend