Switzerland: Familiar names among SRF candidates


The Swiss German speaking broadcaster today closed its submission period for the big Swiss national final. 151 songs were uploaded on SRF’s portal at http://www.eurovisionplattform.sf.tv/videos.

Among those who participated are Daria Kinzer who represented Croatia in 2011. Also the Cypriot 2006 representative Annet Arteni decided to enter the race. However, Lys Assia has not found the right song and therefore won’t participate this time.

As of November 4, internet users can vote for their favorite songs (a maximum of four votes), voting period ends on the 18th of November. Also a jury, named by the broadcaster, will vote for their favorites so that they have another 50% stake of the outcome.

Nine songs qualify to the ‘Expert Check’ where also RTS and RSI -broadcasters’ candidates will perform their songs for the jury. Eventually SRF will have three, RTS two and RSI one candidate competing in the national final in February. The eventual Eurovision Song Contest representative will be chosen with a mix of jury votes and televotes (50/50%).