Ilse DeLange didn’t deny Eurovision rumors

Ilse DeLange

TROS has announced that it will reveal who will represent The Netherlands on the 25th of November but it seems that we already know who the internally chosen artist is. The Dutch press has rumored all week that Ilse DeLange will be representing the country in Copenhagen. 

The artist appeared on RTL-broadcaster’s talk show on Friday night and she didn’t deny the rumors. The only thing she said was that if she would have been asked to do Eurovision five years ago she wouldn’t have agreed. When she was asked directly whether she is doing Eurovision next year, she got nervous and just laughed and said hastily that she don’t know anything.

Ilse DeLange’s, 36, biggest hits include ‘Miracle’ and ‘So Incredible’. She has received several awards in many categories like ‘Best Female Artist’, ‘Best Artist Of The Year’ and ‘Best Album’.