Israel: IBA to discuss the pre-selection format next week

Moran Mazor

Moran Mazor defended the Israeli colors in Malmö | Picture: EBU

IBA committee will meet next week to talk about the possible methods of selecting the Israeli representative for Copenhagen. According to the local press, it is unlikely that a long pre-selection format like KDAM would return next year. This is because of the tight budget.

This year, KDAM consisted of three semi-finals and a total of 30 acts were competing. The winner, Moran Mazor, failed to qualify for the final in Malmö with her ballad ‘Rak bishvilo’.

Instead, it seems that IBA will select its representative internally. The committee would contact several artists and probably the song would also be selected internally. IBA aims to get a well known artist for Eurovision to make sure the viewing figures would be high.

UPDATE IBA has confirmed that its representative will be selected internally.


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    • I agree, some really great songs competed there. I wonder if the fact that they failed to qualify makes them go for internal selection? But again, this isn’t 100% sure yet.

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