Meet Valletta Eurettefriend

Valletta Eurettefriend

Today’s friend is an expert in cooking. And the latest friend to join the list of Winning Eurofriends in Eurovision Events.

Valletta Eurettefriend

Country that Represents: Malta

Heartflag Powers: She turns every recipe delicious and she helps people to try new kinds of flavours

Birthday: December 13

Best Results in Esc: 2nd in 2002 and 2005

Best Results in Jesc: 1st in 2013

Euro Motto and favourite song: “Love is a flame that i can never tame, On Again… Off Again”- On Again… Off Again


Hello Everyfriend! I’m Valletta Eurettefriend and i come to represent sunny Malta (Unless it snows, but happens rarely). I love to cook, and that’s my heartflag powers, don’t waste them. And i have the largest collection of cookbooks in the whole song contest, i always read them and choose what i’m cooking to my friends today. Expect some dee-licious gourmet coming and sometimes, i recieve help from everyfriend in Europolis Europe (Including my closest family and friends i know) to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. And i’m the first to taste my own recipes… and thinking about everyfriend!

I always love Eurovision… When i debuted, i was a little worried. But it took a lot of Eurovision Seasons to turn into a delicious recipe. And if you ask me, i’m trying to make a dee-licious Esc victory.

And speaking of victories, I won Junior Eurovision when i returned. Everyfriend loves my songs so much, that Kiev Friend needed me to participate in her second Jesc hosting. So, my jesc will be super dee-licious.

When you come to Europolis Europe, You should try what i cook. Expect some haute cuisine coming and i kepp you wanting for more, that you should come back for more dee-licious food. And even i can help you to look food from different point of taste.

To my friends in escwebs, every food has a delicious flavour, just take your time and enjoy it.

Bon Appetit!

Valletta Eurettefriend