Latvia: 24 songs announced

LTV Latvia
The songs and composers for Dziesma 2014 was announced today through a press conference. There is 24 songs that will compete in 2 semifinals on 1st and 2nd of February, before the big final shows on February 22nd. The composers will now find the singers for their entries before Januray 7th.

These are the 24 semifinalists:

  • Is it possible, composer: Edgars Kokorevičs, lyrics: Sabīne Vidriķe
  • Pēdējā vēstule, composer: Artūrs Šingirejs, lyrics: Ingus Bērziņš
  • Just stop, composer: Ruslans Kuksinovičs, Oskars Deigelis, lyrics: Oskars Deigelis
  • Pressure, composer: Žanna Berezina, lyrics: Žanna Berezina
  • I’m happy, composer: Tamāra Rutkovska, lyrics: Tamāra Rutkovska
  • Stay, composer: Ingars Viļums, lyrics: Ingars Viļums
  • Here I am again, composer: Vladimirs Koževņikovs (Niko), lyrics: Vladimtirs Koževņikovs (Niko)
  • Bučas, composer: Aldis Zaļūksnis (Midis), lyrics: Mārtiņš Poļakovskis (Holis)
  • You are the reason, composer: Katrine Lukins, Kārlis Indrišonoks, lyrics: Katrine Lukins
  • Going All the way, composer: Janis Driksna, lyrics: Janis Driksna
  • Lights on, composer: Gaitis Lazdāns, lyrics: Markus Riva
  • This moment and tomorrow, composer: Edgars Beļickis, Kārlis Auziņš, lyrics: Mikus Frišvelds
  • If I could (let away), composer: Miks Žagars, Raitis Aušmuksts, lyrics: Miks Žagars
  • I can breathe, composer: Aminata Savadogo, lyrics: Aminata Savadogo
  • I’ve got, composer: Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis, lyrics: Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis
  • Revelation, composer: Ralfs Eilands, Valters Pūce, Ansis Grūbe, lyrics: Ralfs Eilands
  • I need more, composer: Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima), lyrics: Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima)
  • Cake to bake, composer: Guntis Veilands, lyrics: Guntis Veilands
  • Breathe slow, composer: Edgars Viļums, lyrics: Anete Volmane
  • Pa vidu tu, composer: Andris Kivičs, lyrics: Andris Kivičs
  • I need a soul-twin, composer: Mārtiņš Kits, lyrics: Mārtiņš Kits
  • What if it was, composer: Rolands Ūdris, lyrics: Rolands Ūdris
  • Dejo Tā composer: Kaspars Dvinskis, teksta autori Sabīne Berezina, Kaspars Dvinskis
  • Take away composer: Tomass Kleins, lyrics: Guntars Račs

You can listen to all the songs here.