Ukraine decides next week – here are the candidates

Ukraine Eurovision 2014

Ukraine will be the very first country to hold its national final. On December 21st, 20 candidates will fight for the Ukrainian Eurovision ticket for Copenhagen. The finalists were picked by NTU among the submissions it received – over 50 demos were eventually sent.

The decision of the 20 finalists was made by the internal jury after the artists performed in front of them over the weekend.

  1. Duet Anna-Maria – 5 Stars Hotel
  2. Roman Polonskij – Wanted Dead Or Alive
  3. ULI RUD – Tswetok (Flower)
  4. Marietta – It’s My Life
  5. Stas Shurins – Why
  6. Anatoli Shparyov – Waiting For You
  7. Nataliya Valevska – Love Makes You Beautiful
  8. Lissa Wassabi – No Fear
  9. Volodymyr Tkachenko – Buty Tam De Ty (To Be Where You Are)
  10. Shanis – Moya Dusha (My Soul)
  11. Victoria Petryk – Love Is Lord
  12. Evgen Litvinkovych – Strelyanaya Ptitsa (Wounded Bird)
  13. Band NeAngely – Courageous
  14. Illaria – I’m Alive
  15. Tetyana Shyrko – Let Go
  16. Tania BerQ – Believe Me
  17. Maria Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock
  18. Victor Romanchenko – Na Krayu Propasti (On The Brink Of The Abyss)
  19. Anna Hodorkovska – Yesli Yest Lyubov (If There Is Love)
  20. Denis Lyubimov – Love

The winner is determined after the jury and audience have voted for their favorites during the live show next week.