Spain: Who is heading for Copenhagen?


Will it be Auryn?

More rumors regarding the possible Spanish Eurovision representative(s) are circulating on the internet. TVE is yet to confirm when they will reveal more information about their Eurovision participation but if the rumors are to believe, couple of names are above others.

The local boy band Auryn is one of the most tipped one. They competed in the 2011 pre-selection and even qualified for the national final but eventually Lucía Pérez won the show. One of the members, Dani Fernández, represented Spain in 2006 Junior Eurovision. Their latest album sold gold in Spain.

The band recently published a tweet saying that they are preparing something together with TVE. Also, the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés seemingly stated that the band would be the 2014 representative but this was soon taken away from the website.

Ruth Lorenzo has also been rumored. The singer is actually relatively unknown in her home country Spain but she finished fifth in X Factor, UK, in 2008. She has confirmed that she has been in talks with TVE about Eurovision but suggests that this is not the right time for her participation but still doesn’t really say ‘no’.

Among those who can be excluded are at least Pablo Alborán, Mónica Naranjo and David Bisbal.

Pastora Soler and El Sueño de Morfeo were confirmed as the representatives in mid-December, will TVE do so also this time? We’ll see!


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